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  • Blue light worries??
    Hello everyone! Have you ever heard of the big hoopla about blue light?  Well it's an issue that's been around for 10 years but only until the past few years has Read more
  • Why do glasses cost more in an optical shop than online?
    Online retailers cut costs by using cheap materials and cut corners on customer service and safety standards. About 44% of glasses made online are not the correct prescription and over 20% do not meet ANSI safety standards. Read more
  • 1st blog post!!
    Hello everyone!This is my first of many posts.  Expect to see a plethora of stimulating conversation pieces concerning eye and total body health.Stay tuned!  :)Doc Read more
  • New Line!
    CPEC just rolled out a new luxury line! The Etnia Barcelona project started in 2001 by a third generation optical manufacturer, David Pellicer. Inspired by bright colors innovative designs, the Read more

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