Comprehensive Eye Examination for eyeglasses if paid on same day of service.

$148  New patient glasses exam

$138  Established patient

$50  No Show Fee.  If you are unable to make your appointment, we require 24 hour notice.  Otherwise this fee will be assessed.

*All contact lens examinations are in addition to the glasses examination.

Level 1 contact lens (basic lens design)

Level 2 contact lens (new fits for basic lens design)

Level 3 contact lens (astigmatism, soft bifocal and monovision lenses)

Level 4 contact lens (hard bifocal & hybrid contact lenses)

Level 5 contact lens (hybrid bifocal contact lenses)

Level 6 contact lens (irregular cornea lenses; keratoconus)

Scleral contact lens & examination



Foreign body removal (eyeball, eyelids, conjunctiva, etc.)

Red eye or infection evaluation

Visual Field Testing

Retinal Photography