Comprehensive Eye Examination for eyeglasses if paid on same day of service.

$148  New patient glasses exam

$138  Established patient

$50  No Show Fee.  If you are unable to make your appointment, we require 24 hour notice.  Otherwise this fee will be assessed.

*All contact lens examinations are in addition to the glasses examination.

Level 1 contact lens (basic lens design)

Level 2 contact lens (new fits for basic lens design)

Level 3 contact lens (soft bifocal and monovision lenses)

Level 4 contact lens (hard bifocal & hybrid contact lenses)

Level 5 contact lens (hybrid bifocal contact lenses)

Level 6 contact lens (irregular cornea lenses; keratoconus)

Scleral contact lens & examination

Corneal Topography (required for all contact lens examinations every year)

Personal Protection Equipment (required for all examinations every year)


Foreign body removal (eyeball, eyelids, conjunctiva, etc.)

Red eye or infection evaluation

Visual Field Testing

Retinal Photography