CPEC just rolled out a new luxury line! The Etnia Barcelona project started in 2001 by a third generation optical manufacturer, David Pellicer. Inspired by bright colors innovative designs, the frames truly stand out. The Etnia line features over 500 different colors, 60 new models a year, and quality that the Pellicer family stands behind!

We brought the line to Cedar Park because of the high quality acetate, sturdy hinge design, and the bright pop of color in every frame. Also, the frames look wonderful on almost any face. In most cases, there is an Etnia Barcelona frame that looks great on you! My favorite frame, the Baton Rouge, is a beautifully designed cat-eye shape that complements so many face shapes!

We love frame styling patients. Especially when we have new lines that we are excited to show off! So come on by and challenge our optical staff by asking to try on the best Etnia Barcelona frame for you.

Stay tuned,


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